Apple Blossom

What delights your olfactory senses more than the scent of the apple blossom in the spring? Known to be one of the most aromatic flowers, the apple blossom does not only impress you with its distinctive and pleasant smell, but also with its peaceful beauty. The apple tree produces the most beautiful flowers which blossom at the same time with the budding of the leaves, in early spring.

      Apple trees are amongst the most cultivated trees in the world because of the taste of their fruit that are most often used for producing natural juices, marmalade and other culinary delights. Amongst the leader producers on the market we can mention China, the United States, France and others. Although worldwide cultivated the apple tree originates from Central Asia, where it grows in the wild, with no special care or nurturing. apple-blossom

      The apple blossom is a flower composed of five petals, which are usually white with a pink allure that easily fades away. The apple blossom generally measures up to 4 cm in diameter and tends to conglomerate. The apple blossom is amongst the most desired flowers at special events and florists always tend to include this amazing flower in their distinctive flower arrangements for weddings or special receptions. Buying the apple blossom for your home will prove to be the best choice as this unique flower emanates the strongest smell of spring, freshness and cleanness that can give your house the most welcoming smell.

      Famous houses of perfumes have also seen the importance of the apple blossom for their innovative creations. Combining the apple blossom with other flowers and ingredients can only have one effect, that of creating the perfect scent. Women are crazy about the apple blossom’ scent as it expresses innocence and sweetness and who wouldn’t want to smell like spring even in the coldest of winters? pyrus-coronaria

      To celebrate this beautiful flower two American states have chosen as their state symbol flower the apple blossom, not only as an admiration gesture for this flower, but also because these two states represent the main apple producing states in America. The names of these two states are: Arkansas and Michigan, both of them proud to be represented by this wonderful flower.

      Although very cultivated and with a low risk of infection, the apple trees may be at times subject to some pests and diseases, starting from mildew, apple scap, fireblight or aphids. Many cultivators are ready to face these threats by using aggressive chemicals that can affect the fruit, but not damage for good the tree.
The apple blossom is definitely a flower you buy to bring joy and serenity to a house that might not enjoy nature at its fullest. For those who don’t have a garden, a vase of apple blossom flowers can really lighten up the atmosphere inside the house, while invading it with the strongest smell of spring.