Banksia Robur

      Banksia robur, also known as Swamp Banksia or Broad-leaved Banksia is a shrub belonging to the family Proteaceae. Just as the name suggests, Swamp Banksia has as main growing environments, those that are seasonally inundated.

      Banksia robur is a plant able to reach a height of 2.5 meters and sometimes even more. As expected, the leaves are also impressively large and the flower consists of an astonashing spike that has as color, a mixture between red and brown, and pink if referring to the bud. From a certain point of view, the flowers also have a human aspect and that is the color of the flower that before fading, changes to grey.

      One spectacular thing about Banksia robur that can also become bothering is the caramel fragrance that, for some people, can be too strong and intense. The flower starts to bloom in January and does it until July. banksia-robur-5

      Regarding the cultivation process, Banksia robur prefers moist soil and usually occurs in environments that can offer it a sandy soil and big sun exposure. If planted in well-drained areas, the watering process should be given a lot of attention in order to avoid diseases. Even though Banksia robur prefers moist soils, it is good to know that there are also many species of Banksia that prefer well-drained areas.

      The propagation process is usually made by seeds but it can also be made by cuttings. In the case in which you choose to propagate it by seeds, a period of 3 years is needed until the firt bloom. Even though the most common period for them to bloom is from January to July, Banksia robur can bloom at any time of year.

      Being a plant used to living in open areas and especially pools, Banksia robur does not need special attention if planted in gardens. It can be your wild detail in the garden or it can just impress by its large size and beautiful colors.

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