Originating from the tropical American region, the Bouvardia flower belongs to the Rubiaceae family and represents a genus comprising of a limited number of species, around 30 species. The Bouvardia flower is an ornamental plant highly appreciated amongst garden lovers and it’s known to grow up to a 1, 5 m height. Most of the species of the Bouvardia genus are evergreen herbs and shrubs, which bloom at the top in a very beautiful and colorful flower, which can be described as a tube with four spreading lobes.

      The Bouvardia usually occurs on red, but other colors are also possible, such as white, orange, yellow or even pink to peachy nuances. If cultivated indoors, this particular flower needs a lot of attention as it can be threaten by factors which lead to withering, and so if not taken care properly its leaves can become yellow and will finally die out. One of the aspects that should never be neglected when nurturing a Bouvardia is temperature. This flower is a bit more pretentious that other plants when it comes to temperatures and light. The correct temperature is of 21 degrees Celsius at night and 26 degrees Celsius at day. Remember that a Bouvardia flower cultivated indoors should never be left in full sun, as the sun can heavily damage it.


      The name of Bouvardia was inherited from Charles Bouvard, who was known to be the personal physician of Lois XIII and also the person in charge of the Royal Garden in Paris, also known as Le Jardin du Roi, a botanical masterpiece famous even today for the beautiful decorations and for the selection of flowers and hybrids.

      The tall stems of this beautiful Bouvardia flower suggest distinction and its unique scent suggests that it is indeed a flower for royalties. Very elegant, the Bouvardia flower is used at decorating weddings or other special events. Judging by its appearance, this flower is no ordinary flower and the people who cultivate it in their gardens or indoors are aware of the flower’s distinctiveness.

      The commercial availability of the Bouvardia has no limits, as the flower is available worldwide during the whole year. The life duration after cutting its stem is of approximately 8 days, time enough to successfully celebrate any type of occasion or personal event.

      Although mainly decorative, it’s not unusual for this plant to be used in the perfume industry by the famous perfume brands which are continuously seeking special and unconventional ingredients for their aromatic combinations. The floral scent is very popular amongst women and so the perfumes which rely heavily on flowers’ scents are usually successful and quite expensive.

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