Casablanca Lily

      The Casablanca Lily is a part of the Lilium genus that gathers no more than 110 species, most of them being garden plants. These flowers prefer a lime-free soil and can adapt to almost any kind of habitat.

      Lily is a summer flower that usually has six petals and a palette of colors that could satisfy even the most fastidious gardener, such as: white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. If combining them your garden will just turn into an explosion of color and will most definitely be a delightful thing to see.

      Not all of the species forming the Lilium genus are used in commercial purposes. The most popular specie when talking about cut flowers is Lilium longiflorum, also called the Easter lily because it has became a very popular gift on Easter.

      Lilium bulbs have also culinary uses and are well known, in China as a luxury food and in other places, just as a leaf vegetable. Even though humans use some parts of Liliums as food, for cats this plant may be fatal causing renal failure, no matter the consumed quantity.

      One of the most outstanding species belonging to the Lilium genus is the Casablanca Lily. With an astonishing precious look, the Casablanca Lily is one of the most expensive flowers on the market and is frequently used in creating perfumes because of its gentle, delicate fragrance.

      The propagation of the Casablanca Lily is made either by division of the bulbs, seed or by micropropagation.

      The Casablanca Lily has a vase life of 5 to 9 days and is capable of reaching a height of 3 or even 4 feet. This flower is very popular among garden flower and is really easy to grow. All it needs is plenty of sun and a moist soil and the main condition is making sure that the only ones that enjoy the sunbeams are the blooms. The roots should be kept shaded in order to maintain the health of the Casablanca Lily.

      Florence, one of the most romantic places in the world has more than one reason to appreciate Liliums. Not only because the flower, with its fragile aspect, embodies beauty and romance, but also because Lilium is the symbol of Florence.

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