Christmas Bells – Blandfordia

      As in most cases, the name is strongly related to the way in which the flower looks. In this case, there has been made a combination between the aspect and the period they are in flower in their place of origin, that is, Australia.

      Christmas Bells have thick roots that come in contrast with the delicate flowers that are absolutely eye-catching. Colors like: orange, scarlet or red and saffron yellow turn it into an explosion of beauty, a visual delight that will most definitely embellish any garden, no matter how gloomy it may be.

      Being named after George Spencer Churchill, the Marquis of Blandford, Blandfordia is the only genus in its family and it includes four species: Blandfordia cunninghamii, Blandfordia grandiflora, Blandfordia nobilis and Blandfordia punicea. Blandfordia punicea, also known as the Tasmanian Christmas Bell, is thought to be the most difficult in terms of cultivation. christmas-bells-blandfordia-2

      Christmas Bells are considered to be a bit exigent regarding the growing environments. The soil must be well-drained and of a sandy texture and the plant should be protected, not only from full sun, but also from heavy shade.

      The Christmas Bells propagate by seeds and planting them is nothing but a precise process. The quantities of peat and sand mixed in a pot should be equal. As a tip, in order to obtain a pH of 5.0, ideal for this plant, you can use a little lime.

      During growing the soil must be kept moist and any excess will most definitely kill the plant, not helping it to grow faster. The process of germination will end after three weeks but in case the environment is a warm one, the period will be shortened.

      During the process of germination the plant is mostly sensitive to fungal diseases. This problem occurs because of the inobservance of the quantities of water administrated to the plant. Make sure that the watering process is made properly, and you can enjoy the beauty of a healthy Christmas Bell.

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