Cockcomb-Celosia Cristata

      Celosia, also known as Cockscomb or woolflower, a genus that gathers 60 species, is an ornamental flower pretty much similar in appearance to amaranthus.

      Cockscombs are a perfect choice for gardens. No matter which of the three types of cockscomb you choose: plumes, crests or cones, the result will be a gorgeous, envied garden that will stick upwards because of the diversified palette of colors.

      The flower comes in colors such as red, yellow, cream, orange, rose and pink and if you choose to play a little bit with the colors while planting them, this flower is able to transform your yard into an explosion of colors, a beautiful rainbow.

      The name Celosia comes from Greek and manages to perfectly describe the flower along with the diversified palette of colors, as the translation is “burning”.

      Chi Kuan, as it is called in China, stands on long stems, has no fragrance and can last between 5 and 14 days as a vase flower.

      Growing Cockscombs is a hard but also rewarding work. If you intend to plant Celosia in your garden, the perfect way to do is by planting the seeds 8 inches apart from one another and the perfect environment is one with no shade. The plant enjoys full sun and a well-drained soil as too much water can easily harm the plant. If you respect those two conditions the process of growing will carry on without any problems.

      If planting Cockscombs indoor, make sure before trying to move it outdoor that the weather conditions are appropriate as the plant is sensitive to frost and that will most definitely kill it.

      Celosia doesn’t really have problems when talking about diseases. The plant is sensitive only to mites, leaf spots and stem rot, diseases that can be easily prevented by avoiding wet soils and inappropriate weather conditions. Avoid also wetting the flowers or leaves, as this will just bring the possibility of contacting fungal diseases.

      Keep the plant fertilized, repeat the process monthly and that will help you avoid unpleasant situations.

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