Dahlia is a genus of perennial plants that gathers 36 species and has as main habitat, gardens. The plant use to have culinary use along the Aztecs, and some people use to manufacture small pipes out of the stem.

      Some of the species belonging to this genus are: Dahlia Adelaide Fontane, a pink flower with many petals, perfect in making nosegays, Dahlia Apple Blossom, that has as predominant color yellow, a color that is accentuated by the small pink petals that also give it a delicate aspect. Another species is Dahlia Arabian Night, a spectacular combination of light red, dark red and a touch of black that manages to give the flower an air of mystery. Dahlia Art Deco is exactly how the name describes it: a beautiful piece of art. Dahlia Aspen should also be called the flower of purity because of the immaculate white and the unusual petals that give it an air of unshaped beauty. Even though Dahlia Aspen seem to be perfect, the first place belongs to Dahlia Dahlstar Sunset Pink that is absolutely astonishing. The combination of pink and yellow makes it irresistible and impossible not to fall in love with it. dahlia-5

      The propagation process can be made in three different ways: by tuber clump division, by seeds or by cuttings. The planting process of tubers for example, should start at the end of July.

      Dahlia is a plant that needs a well-drained soil in order to maintain its health. The watering process should be repeated once every two days and the quantity should be considerable, as the plant needs a big amount of water.

      Dahlia can be affected by several diseases if not taken care of properly. The main enemies are: bacterial wilt, bacteriosis, botrytis Blight also known as gray mold, canker and dieback diseases, crown gale that is caused by a soil bacterium, powdery mildew, stem rot and verticulum wilt.

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