Daisy-Bellis Perennis

      Also known as Common Daisy, Lawn Daisy or English Daisy, because of the numerous amount of flowers carrying this name and in order to avoid confusions, Bellis perennis is a specie of Daisies native to Europe.

      Bellis perennis is a small plant with evergreen leaves that have the shape of a spoon, known not only as a wild plant but also as a garden plant. Daisies are thought to be a symbol of love and purity. The shape of the flowers, white with the center colored in yellow makes it even more delicate at first sight.

      Considering the fact that Daisies are opened during the day and closed at night, the name might also signify the “day’s eye”.

      Being such an easy plant to grow, this flower will spread just by leaving the lawn uncut and because of this, daisies are sometimes considered to be weeds.

      Daisy is one of the flowers that can be found in bloom all year long and that requires no special attention, a flower that should be present in any garden.

      The plant can be propagated by seeds and the perfect environment is one with well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine. Daisies will start blooming the next year in case you choose to plant them outside. In case the planting process is done indoor, the flower can also start blooming the first year. The soil should be kept moist until the seeds have germinated, after that, the watering process should be repeated when the soil appears to be dry.

      To become eye-catching, daisies should be planted in groups. In this case, be careful regarding the distance between your daisies. If to crowded, they will have problems with the blooms that will be smaller than usual and the plant will turn to be unhealthy.

      Daisies are also used as a homeopathic remedy for several illnesses and it is used in cases of rheumatic symptoms, traumatisms of the pelvic organs or acne. In ancient Rome from daisies was extracted a juice that was afterwards used on bruises or cut incised wounds.

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