Garden Roses

      Whenever someone mentions the word passion, there will always be a person who will correlate this feeling with a rose. The worldwide acknowledged symbol of passion and love, of elegance and distinction is the rose, a flower that has never lost its top position in the heart of people and flower enthusiasts.

      Belonging to the Rosaceae family, the rose is a flower renowned for its beautiful appearance, for its thorns on the stems and for its global symbolism. The rose can be available on a very wide range of colors from white, to yellow and purple. Most of the botanists have tried to create hybrids of this flower, one of them being the rose without thorns, that even though it maintains its beauty, it loses some of its powerful scent. To make them even more attractive for their floral decorations, florists have nowadays recurred to dyes that artificially color the petals of the roses in unconventional colors such as blue, green or even black. The black rose has even come to represent the Goth culture, which prices everything that seems lifeless and morbid, the exact opposite of nature and vegetation, of color and liveliness.

      Roses occupy a leading position in the top of the garden plants, due not only to their beautiful appearance, but also to their aromatic scent. People often refer to the roses as the Queen of the garden and usually there few gardens that lack the rose as cultivated plant. An indispensable plant to any garden, the rose brings elegance and color to your garden. The roses are usually known to flower from the month of March until late autumn.

      Well respected in the world of flowers, the garden roses have been used as main ingredients not only for perfumes, but also for tea or marmalades. The perfumes that have rose -based scent are amongst the most appreciated by women all around the world, and famous perfume manufacturing houses have seen the importance of such flower for their industry. Emanating a perfect scent, which implies freshness and sweetness, the rose made quite an impression even in the ancient times. Empress Josephine was famous for offering her customized presents to royalties, presents materialized in bottles of rose water, which were of a huge success at the court back in those days.

      The rose is nowadays known to have over 6000 varieties and the number is continuously growing. No matter the type of garden, the rose perfectly fit any floral theme or any setting. It’s like the little black dress in fashion; it will always represent that indispensable accessory appropriate to any occasion.

      Often offered as presents in bouquets or as a floral arrangement for your home or other events, the rose is the perfect choice of a flower. Also, if you’re planning a relaxation bath or even a romantic night, the rose petals would prove to be exactly what you need for to come up with the perfect set.

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