The most unique flower bouquet

During a lifetime, there are many occasions for gift giving and receiving and there are many presents that stick to our minds and our hearts, whether because they truly were unique or due to the fact that they were received from people very important to us, people that we loved dearly. I received many such gifts, as a wife, as a mother and even as a friend, but there is one that has held the number one spot in my heart for many years and still does at this time and that was a flower bouquet. It may seem simple and common, but that was not a regular bouquet, neither from the point of view of the bouquet itself nor from that of the giver. It was many moons ago, when I was younger and my son was only 8 years old and he came home to me with this gorgeous, impressive flower bouquet with this big happy birthday ribbon wrapped around it.

The bouquet was a combination of white hydrangeas and white callas, sprinkled with these green, still not fully blown, green freesias and just a couple of pale pink wild roses thrown in here and there. The bouquet was so big that he could barely hold it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. But the bigger surprise was when he told me that he had personally picked every single flower in that bouquet and arranged it like that for me. I am telling you, it looked better than any professionally made flower arrangement I had seen at weddings or other such events. I have to admit that, at first, I didn’t quite believe him. I didn’t even know where he got the money for it, as I imagined it had been pretty expensive, so I went to the flower market the next day. It took me a while to make my way through all that plethora of eye catching and breath taking, fresh flowers and amazing bouquets, but I finally saw this woman who was selling all the types of flowers that were in my magical bouquet. I talked to her and she confirmed that a little kid had come to her the previous day with the polite and most endearing request to let him create a birthday bouquet for his mom. He even had the happy birthday ribbon with him to tie the flowers.

Apparently my son had an innate good taste in flower arrangements, because she confirmed his story, that she hadn’t done anything to help him choose the flowers or put them together, that it was entirely his idea to mix hydrangeas with callas and freesias and then throw in the wild roses for a “touch of femininity”. I was completely amazed. When I asked her about the money she said that was the only thing she had done for him, give him the flowers for free, as he had told her he had no money, but when I offered to reimburse her, she said no. You can imagine how proud and impresses I was with the sheer gesture of my son thinking so arduously about my birthday and about my gift that he would go and practically craft the gift himself. I still have the happy birthday ribbon that he used to tie the bouquet and I think this will always be the best present I’ve ever gotten.