Gladiolus Flower

      One of the most recognizable flowers in the world, the Gladiolus still remains in the top of people’s preferences regarding flowers. The Gladiolus flower enjoys a great deal of popularity in the world of florists and flower enthusiasts worldwide, and its name has served as inspiration for filling loads of pages of gardening brochures. Always praised for its beautiful appearance and for the easiness of its cultivation process, the Gladiolus flower is an indispensable flower when organizing events or floral home and garden decorations.

      Often referred to as the Sword Lily, the Gladiolus flower belongs to the well esteem botanical family of the “Iris” and its genus is comprised of more than 250 species. Some of its originating countries are those located in the south of Africa, south of Europe and part of Asia. The most appropriate climate for the Gladiolus to develop properly is the tropical climate, where the temperatures are high and the soil is rich in humidity and resources. The Gladiolus, although originating from these warm regions, can adapt itself to temperate climates and can very safely reach maturity.

      The Gladiolus flowers are perennial herbs which turn out to bloom beautifully in the middle of the summer. The most famous colors of the flowering are red, yellow, pink or even white. The stem of the Gladiolus produces not only the flowering at its top, but also sword-shaped leaves. The shape of its leaves justifies the name of the flower, which in Latin meant sword. gladiolus-flower-2

      The pollination of the Gladiolus is performed with the help of the bees, sunbirds, moths and flies. Nowadays it seems that the pollination process has suffered a lot of changes and has now permitted even the wasp pollination in some European regions, which bear a temperate climate.

      Being famous for its beauty and accessibility, botanists have always explored the qualities of this flower by combing it with other species and producing the so called hybrids. Many Gladiolus hybrids are now used worldwide and seem to gain their way into being included in the botanical books.

      The fact that the Gladiolus varies in height can only bring joy to florists, as the flower turns out to be the perfect ingredient when trying to create a special bouquet. The resistance of this flower after the cutting of the stem is of about 6 days, after this period the flower starts to gradually fade away and wither. Employed with talent and creativity, the Gladiolus can make of the simplest and dullest floral arrangement a masterpiece of the decorative art.

      Suggested to be the perfect flower for bouquets or vase decorations, the Gladiolus represents and exquisite and elegant flower and if given as a gift, will sure thing make a good impression. Planting it in your garden is also an option, as Gladiolus is easy to nurture and not very pretentious to soil conditions or temperatures.

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