Part of the Proteaceae family, the Grevillea genus represents a genus rich in species, known to contain over 350 species of plants. The Grevillea genus originates from Australia and some of the subtropical regions such as New Guinea or New Caledonia. The tropical and sub-tropical climates are the most appropriate for this flower to develop properly, even though nowadays its cultivation in greenhouses all over the world has become more and more popular.

      In proper conditions, like subtropical temperatures with humid soil, the Grevillea flower can bloom all over the year and can reach a 1, 5 meters height. This plant is famous for its adjustability to any conditions, for its ability to interbreed freely and also, for its accessibility within creating new hybrids. Also known as the Toothbrush flower or the Spider flower, the Grevillea is a beautiful plant renowned for its rich foliage and its amazing flowering.

      There are some species of this genus that can be epidemic and can create colonies of flowers without any help from the part of cultivators. Most of the epidemic species occur outside of their origination place of Australia, in New Caledonia or in New Guinea. The presence of these flowers in colonies can only please the eye as they can color up fields and pastures with their beautiful and colorful flowering. Amongst the colors most likely for the Grevillea flowers to occur are red, yellow, orange and pink.

      The name of the Grevillea flower comes from a famous British contributor of the world of horticulture, the famous Charles Francis Greville, a close friend of the distinguished Sir Joseph Banks, both of them members of the Royal Horticultural Society. Depending on the specie, the Grevillea flower can actually reach the heights of a bush or even a small tree.

      The decorative purpose is not the sole usage of this beautiful Grevillea flower, as it can also produce a sweet nectar when squeezed, nectar that can be turned into juice by adding the right quantity of water. Also, the flower emanates a beautiful scent which makes of it the perfect candidate to making up floral oriented perfumes.

      Being amongst the easiest plants to cultivate and nurture, the Grevillea flower is present in many gardens and also, in many botanical books due to its unbelievable easiness to create hybrids. Today, we are witnesses to so many new species born as hybrids of the Grevillea flower and it can only make us glad as the beauty of this flower is fully appreciated worldwide.

      Due to its showing flowering and its abundant foliage, the Grevillea flower maintains its top position as one of the most cultivated species, a flower that can really make more interesting you garden and give it a more exotic approach.

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