Extremely beautiful flowers and worldwide renowned for their exotic nature, the Heliconias have reached a huge notoriety with most of the florist-oriented markets, as people demand them for presents, wedding receptions or simply to see them in their houses. Also known as the false bird-of-paradise flower, the Heliconia is the proud representative of the Heliconiaceae family and it originates from tropical regions such as the southern American continent, Indonesia or the Pacific Islands. Although many botanists have considered this plant as being part of the Heliconiaceae family, it seems that nowadays most of them have embraced the trend of considering this flower as a representative of the Musaceae family. This classification is actually benefic as the plant displays characteristics belonging to this family such as the reachable size of the plant and also its tropical nature. The new system of introducing this flower in the Musaceae family was first introduced in 1998 and later established in 2003.

      The best climate for this flower is the tropical or the subtropical one, as it needs sun and high temperatures to develop and reach its maturity. The Heliconia has a very diversed flower structure and the almost 200 species belonging to this genus display unique and appealing structures. Another name for the Heliconia is the Lobster-Claw, a name that makes reference to the shape of the flower.

      The Heliconia is popular for producing not only amazing flowers with interesting cuttings, but also for producing huge leaves at the base of its root. The leaves of the Heliconia have a quite considerable size, which often is proportionally with the reachable height of the plant, up to 10 feet. Exotic indeed, the Heliconia produces beautiful flowers on long and erect panicles and the colors on which it occurs usually have a great impact on buyers and flower lovers worldwide. The color variety is amazing as this color can produce green, yellow, orange or purple flowers, all colors of the strongest vividness and intensity.

      Not just an ordinary flower, the Heliconia is cultivated under the strictest of conditions and with the best of care. This flower, even though it looks strong and resistant due to its size, is very sensitive to weather conditions, soil conditions and sun exposure. Most of the cultivators which have taken a commitment towards planting this amazing and exotic flower are well aware of the fact that the nurturing process is not for everybody and the simple fact of bringing this flower to maturity implies a strict discipline. The effort is obviously worth it, as the result is a beautiful and amazing decorative flower, of an exotic nature and with an incredible scent.

      Usually used for decorative purposes, the Heliconia can lighten up any garden or can add color even to the greyest of houses, with its intense colors and its unconventional shapes.

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