Hyacinth Orchid

The Hyacinth Orchid, or also known by her botanical name of Dipodium punctatum, is a flower usually found in the south-eastern Australia. Although originating from Australia, the flower has been declared amongst the endangered species of flowers on this continent, due to its less and less occurrence and vulnerability.

The protection of the Hyacinth Orchid has begun in 1999, by including it in on the list of 2 Australian acts of significant importance for the environmental protection and for the preservation of biodiversity.

Another name used by Australians when referring to the Hyacinth Orchid is the Christmas orchid, given the fact that this flower emerges in late October to November, but it only flowers in December and January. The flowering is produced at the top of a stem deprived of leaves that can reach up to 1 meter. The flowering part of this Hyacinth Orchid contains somewhere between 25 to 35 flowers which take the shape of a bell. The colors are usually white with spots of red or purple and the petals display an incurved shape, the shape making them similar with one another. I saw also on stores artificial flowering orchids with very nice colors.

Taking under consideration the fact that the Hyacinth Orchid originates from a warm climate with high temperatures and long-lasting sunlight, it would be better for cultivators to provide a close environment if they want to cultivate this flower in their own gardens.

The cultivation process only requires attention and the willingness to provide the best conditions for this flower to develop properly, such as: a covered place, preferably a greenhouse, sufficient amount of water, a resourceful soil and moderate sunlight. Most cultivators tend to make mistakes when it comes to the watering process or that of exposing the plant to sunlight; they have the tendency to overdo it, thing that could be fatal to any Hyacinth Orchid. Excessive sun exposure and too much water can threaten this flower’s growth and can eventually damage it for good.

Being terrestrial specie, it is not uncommon for the Hyacinth Orchid to occur in places that are not similar to its originating environment, such as forests or woodlands. Some of the places preferred by this plant belong to the Australian coast, where the Hyacinth Orchid is known to develop her habitat. Such places are: New South Wales, Northern Tablelands or Queensland.

Famous for its amazing flowers, the Hyacinth Orchid is amongst the best selling flowers in the world, not only on a small scale, customer-florist based, but also on a larger scale, where companies contract florists in order to provide them with thousands of Hyacinth Orchids to use them in decorative purposes at special events, or in order to sell them to perfume designers. The Hyacinth Orchid has the freshest and sweetest of smells, not to mention its beautiful and exotic appearance. Definitely a flower designed to impress, the Hyacinth Orchid is appropriate to any event and to any occasion.

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