The Lisianthius flower has been recently included in the Eustoma genus and represents a flower with a beautiful and delicate aspect well appreciated by florists, as they say the Lisianthus is amongst their best-selling flowers. Amongst the popular names people use to refer to this flower is the Texas Bluebell, the Tulip Gentian or the Prairie Gentian. It is very common for people to mistake these names with the flowers belonging to the Gentian genus, and people without any botanical knowledge background with without the slightest interest in flowers can easily produce confusions and mistakes.

      The three species included in the Eustoma genus are known to be included in the Gentianaceae family, a family best known for its international commercial distribution and also for its coloring and medicinal purposes. The Lisianthus is most likely to grow in places with warm climates such as the lower part of the USA, Mexico and countries from South America which can provide high temperatures and resourceful soils. The grasslands usually provide the Lisianthus with the best conditions to develop properly, and when they can reach a height of almost 60 cm. lisianthus-2

      Referring to their type, the Lisianthus are herbaceous annuals plants which bloom on the top of a stem with thick leaves. The colors are quite varied, ranging from white to pink and combinations of lavender, blue or even intense purple. With its vivid colors, the flower doesn’t lose of its intensity not even after 5 days of being preserved in a vase. The life duration of a cut Lisianthus was reported to be somewhere near 10 day, time in which the flower still emanates scent but its colors start to slowly fade away.

      This flower is highly appreciated as a decorative flower and it seems that over the years the number of its cultivators has doubled, as they use the flower not only in therapeutically-minded purposes, as taking care of a garden, but also with a flower-market oriented purpose, as a cut flower. No matter if you cultivate it in a greenhouse, a pot or a garden, the flower is not very pretentious and will grow perfectly if you respect the minor rules of cultivation: moderate temperatures, water in moderation and sunlight.

      Depending on the species, cultivators grow Lisianthus flowers reaching 30 cm, but there are case when, no matter how attentive was the nurturing process, the flowers won’t reach more than 8 cm tall. These go by the name of so called dwarf varieties, which are equally cute and emanate the some strong and fresh scent.

      Their blue-lavender colors makes them the perfect ingredient for floral arrangements produced to mark the moment of a wedding reception, a special event, a birthday, all in all, a sweet memory. Although being a best-selling flower, the price is not that spiced, allowing everybody to enjoy nature’s wonders and to bring a smile on the face of a loved one when offering it as a gift.

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