Kalanchoe enjoys lonelyness so try not to plant any decorative plants in the same pot. Another important detail is light as the plant needs big quantities of light in order to maintain its health. By light do not understand powerful sun, beacause the sunbeams can be a very dangerous enemy of Kalachoe ..

Yucca gloriosa

      Yucca is a small tree with very stiff leaves that can reach 0.3 or even 0.5 meters. The flowers are always formed at the end of the stem as white inflorescences protected by the rosette of leaves surrounding them.The cultivation process alternates depending on the place in which you choose to plant it..

Christmas Bells- Blandfordia

      Christmas Bells have thick roots that come in contrast with the delicate flowers that are absolutely eye-catching. Colors like: orange, scarlet or red and saffron yellow turn it into an explosion of beauty, a visual delight that will most definitely embellish any garden, no matter how gloomy it may be.

Foxgloves – Digitalis

      To avoid the scientific name of the plant, people mostly refer to it as the Foxglove flower, a flower that blooms in the summer season. The name of the genus, Digitalis, has a simple and logical explanation, as it suggests the resemblance of the flower with a fingertip, or being regarded as a coat perfectly fitting a fingertip.

Kousa Dogwood

      Cornus Kousa, also known as Kousa Dogwood, Japanese Dogwood or Chinese Dogwood, is a small tree belonging to the Dogwood family. The Japanese Dogwood is not a very pretentious tree and, for example, even though it needs a well-drained soil, it can also adapt to a dry one or, even though it prefers full sun, it can also adapt to partial shade, if needed.


      Being a spring flower, the Impatiens or the Touch-me-not, as Europeans call it, blooms from the first month of spring until late autumn. The Impatiens genus has both annual and perennial species and the main difference between these two types is that the annual plants only show their flowering in the spring and up until November, while the perennial can bloom all year long depending on the warmer weather conditions which favor the blooming process.


      Silverbell, also known as snowdrop-tree or opossum-wood, is useful as an ornamental plant but also as a source of benzoin resin. This substance, extracted from the tree’s bark is used, not only in medicine, but also in creating different perfumes. pending on the specie, Silverbell can reach a size of 39 meters, this height being specific to the mountain, as it is growing in the ..

Red Deadnettle

      Red Deadnettle is seen, not only as a weed, sometimes dangerous for crops, but also as a flowering garden plant. If planted in colonies, the result is a delighting flower carped that can have a refreshing influence over any garden. Red Deadnettle has small hairy leaves and purple little flowers that begin to bloom early in the spring. Another quality of the Red Deadnettle is..

Zantedeschia or Calla Lily

      Zantedeschia is a very sensitive plant when it comes to water. Keeping it moist is very important in the process of growing Zantedeschias and besides the needed quantity of water Zantedeschia will also need plenty of light. Low temperatures will most definitely kill the plant, so a temperature of maximum 20 Celsius degrees is strongly recommended in order for the plant..

Jacob’s ladder

      The Jacob’s ladder genus, or more scientifically referred to as the Polemonium caeruleum genus, comprises of approximately 25 species of flowering plants, which mostly occur in the northern and southern American continents and also in some regions of the European continent. As a plant to grow in your garden, the Jacob’s ladder is not pretentious as well and could be cultivated even ..