Golden Wattle

      The Golden Wattle blooms in early spring, but given the specific Australian temperatures, it’s not unusual for this flower to bloom at the end of the winter season. Reaching almost 8 meters in height, the Golden Wattle represents a small tree with numerous yellow flowers that are abundant and fluffy, and that create the image of a bush, or of a full bouquet. The smallest dimension of the Golden Wattle is known to be of 2 meters, but the flowers emanate a stronger scent than…


      The amazing thing about the Hollyhock is that even if the soil conditions are a bit harsh, the plant still manages to grow tall and sophisticated, with its intense flowering colors. It’s not unusual for the Hollyhock to occur even in strange and deplorable places such as the wastelands, where most flowers could be damaged by the harsh environment.

Casablanca Lily

      Lily is a summer flower that usually has six petals and a palette of colors that could satisfy even the most fastidious gardener, such as: white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple. If combining them your garden will just turn into an explosion of color and will most definitely be a delightful thing to see.


      Dianthus prefers low temperatures and this is the reason because of which it usually blooms at the beginning of winter. This plant is ideal not only as a garden flower because of the low temperatures it can resist to, but also as a vase flower, case in which, if taken cared of properly it can last even for a month.


      The Hydrangea genus is a relatively complex genus, which holds together under its botanical classification more than 75 species of flowers. Belonging to the Hydrangeaceae family, this genus presents species renowned for their size diversity, from small flowers, to shrubs measuring up to 3 meters in height and even to small trees or lianas reaching the climbing height of 30 meters.


      Hosta flowers are famous for their rich and abundant foliage and are often used as decorative plants which can fill up the spaces in one’s garden. Depending on their age, the foliage varies in shape. If we’re dealing with the young plant then its foliage of leaves can only spread out over a diameter of 2 inches, while when the plant has reached its maturity it can measure up to 40 inches in width.


      Dahlia is a plant that needs a well-drained soil in order to maintain its health. The watering process should be repeated once every two days and the quantity should be considerable, as the plant needs a big amount of water. Dahlia is a plant that needs a well-drained soil in order to maintain its health.


      The Lisianthus is most likely to grow in places with warm climates such as the lower part of the USA, Mexico and countries from South America which can provide high temperatures and resourceful soils. The grasslands usually provide the Lisianthus with the best conditions to develop properly, and when they can reach a height of almost 60 cm.


      Narcissus is thought to be a flower of friendship and joy and as a love flower it symbolizes sincerity. It is a common gift when a baby is born, signifying the joy of meeting a new life. There are two Greek legends that underline the beauty and powerful fragrance of the flower.Being a part of the Amaryllis family, Narcissus is a genus that gathers between 50 and 100 species and hybrids.


      Delphinium usually grows on fields and because of this, the plant is held responsible for many cases of cattle poisoning. Because of this, fields containing delphinium are avoided, until late summer when the toxicity of the plant becomes less powerful.
Delphinium usually grows on fields and because of this, the plant is held responsible for …