Although not as numerous as other genera, the Gymnadenia genus represents one of the most beautiful and elegant genera, with its unique looking flowers emanating the sweetest of scents. The Gymnadenia flower is likely to grow on alpine and mountainous regions, mostly in the temperate climates of Europe or Asia, and …

Ghost Flower

      The Ghost flower tends to grow in non-alpine regions with high temperatures and usually arid soils. The semi-desert conditions are the most appropriate for this flower to develop and this particular predictability for not very resourceful soils validates its quality as being amongst the most resisting flowers in the world.

Field Woodrush or Luzula Campestris

      The reachable height of the Lazula Campestris is of 15 cm and it is known to bloom starting with the month of March lasting until June, or even more, in exceptional cases. The reproduction of the Field Woodrush can be made in two different ways, either through side shoots or by seeds. Both ways have the same chances of quick spreading and the appearance of this flower is quite ….


      As a flower used at floral arrangements, the Ginger flower manages to offer height to any bouquet and so, to make their decorations more elaborate, florist often recur to the usage of this flower. The flower buds are known to be used in other purposes as well, such as local traditional Japanese cuisine. The flower buds are edible and considered traditional culinary specialty in Japan.


      The Lavender produces a blue to lilac flowering, which has even given birth to a color called lavender. People have embraced the name of this color and use it often to describe such a unique color as that produced by this flower. Being one of the most cultivated species for commercial use, the Lavender is also known to be used at extracting oily substances of it, oils that are used in ..


      The Gerbera is nowadays the fifth most cultivated and commercially distributed flower, competing with species like the roses or the orchids. Similar in appearance with the sun-flower, Gerbera is famous for its unique simplicity and its vivid colors. The name of Gerbera comes from the famous botanic researcher Traugott Gerber, a name given as a tribute to his efforts …

Gladiolus Flower

      The Gladiolus flower enjoys a great deal of popularity in the world of florists and flower enthusiasts worldwide, and its name has served as inspiration for filling loads of pages of gardening brochures. Always praised for its beautiful appearance and for the easiness of its cultivation process, the Gladiolus flower is an indispensable flower when organizing events or floral home and …


      Also known as the false bird-of-paradise flower, the Heliconia is the proud representative of the Heliconiaceae family and it originates from tropical regions such as the southern American continent, Indonesia or the Pacific Islands. Although many botanists have considered this plant as being part of the Heliconiaceae family, it seems that nowadays most of them have embraced …

Zinnia Flower

      The Zinnia is not a flower to be protected from the sun, because even excessive sun exposure could not harm it. The plant reacts normally to the climate conditions provided by its originating environment and so, full sun is only seen as normal and needed for the proper developing of the Zinnia.

Hyacinth Orchid

      Another name used by Australians when referring to the Hyacinth Orchid is the Christmas orchid, given the fact that this flower emerges in late October to November, but it only flowers in December and January. The flowering is produced at the top of a stem deprived of leaves that can reach up to 1 meter.