Originating from the Asian continent, especially from the Himalayan region, the Hypericum is a perrenial or annual plant of different sizes, each type being different. Usually the smallest specie can reach up to 12 to 15 cm, while others can top even 12 meters in height, being considered small trees.

Lady’s Mantle

      The Lady’s mantle is not pretentious and it can grow almost anywhere, provided there’s a temperate climate. The flower prefers moist, well-drained soils and is not very keen on high temperatures or too much sun exposure, the shade being amongst its most benefic environments. Easily nurtured, the only thing you have to take into consideration when cultivating it, is it’s position, as the Lady’s mantle flower occupies a …

American Persimmon

      Also known as possumwood, common persimmon or American Persimmon, the plant has only a scientific acknowledged name which is Diospyros virginiana, a plant belonging to the Ebenaceae family and which is known to be a tree serving for fruit or wood. The cultivation of the American Persimmon goes way back hundreds of years when Native American used to …

Kangaroo paw

      The name of Kangaroo paw is used to refer to two different species belonging to the Haemodoraceae family, the Anigozanthos genus and the Macropidia genus. Each genus comprises of species that although differentiated in classification, bear resembling characteristics.The structure of the flower well justifies the name of the flower, Kangaroo paw and …

Garden Roses

      Roses occupy a leading position in the top of the garden plants, due not only to their beautiful appearance, but also to their aromatic scent. People often refer to the roses as the Queen of the garden and usually there few gardens that lack the rose as cultivated plant. An indispensable plant to any garden, the rose brings elegance and color to your garden

Bluebell Flower

      The Hyacinthoides non-scripta, or simply the Bluebell is a type of flower belonging to the Hyacinthaceae family, a lavender blue flower which appears in the spring. One should not confuse this flower, which is usually referred to as the “common bluebell” or the “English Bluebell”, with the classical Hyacinth or even with the harebell.


      The botanical name of the Frangipani flower, the one that specialists use is Plumeria, a name given in the memory of the famous plant researcher Charles Plumier.The scent of this flower, along with its beautiful and delicate appearance have made of the Frangiapani flower one of the most sought flowers by florists and customers all together.


      In proper conditions, like subtropical temperatures with humid soil, the Grevillea flower can bloom all over the year and can reach a 1, 5 meters height. This plant is famous for its adjustability to any conditions, for its ability to interbreed freely and also, for its accessibility within creating new hybrids. Also known as the Toothbrush flower or the Spider flower, the Grevillea is…


      Begonias are flowering plants belonging to the Begoniaceae family and which often occur in tropic or sub-tropic climates where the soil is usually moist. Such places are known to be the perfect habitats of Begonias and they include: Africa, South and Central America and Southern Asia. The name of the Begonia flower was inspired by …


      Enjoying a global popularity, the Carnation is amongst the oldest flowers on Earth, its name being mentioned in legends, mythology, biblical references and even folklore. On a more scientific note, the Carnation belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family and to the Dianthus genus, being botanically referred to as the Dianthus caryophyllus.