Have a dream flower garden all year round!

Are you fascinated about flowers? Do you dream about having a perfectly coloured garden all year round? For many passionate growers and homeowners the idea of a perennial garden is as alluring as it is intriguing. In the absence of a backyard or an exterior space to grow a multitude of plants in, there is […]

The most unique flower bouquet

During a lifetime, there are many occasions for gift giving and receiving and there are many presents that stick to our minds and our hearts, whether because they truly were unique or due to the fact that they were received from people very important to us, people that we loved dearly. I received many such […]

How Do You Calculate Square Footage for Your Garden

How do you calculate square footage? This is a question that many people ask themselves before selling or renting a certain property. The answer is very simple, so you don’t have to worry about not having the skills that you need to achieve your mission. All you have to do is follow some simple steps that will help you complete your task.

Sydney Fresh Flowers

You don’t want just any flowers delivered to your friend or romantic partner. A customer deserves to have fresh flowers that are full of color and smell great. Any flower that cannot live for at least a week after being given to their recipient are not worth buying.

Groomsmen gifts

Are you finding yourself looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts? Do you wish to make your choice unforgettable and always able to be recalled by the guests? Either way your reasons, from now on you don’t have why to worry again ..

Hamamelis virginiana

      Hamamels Virginiana enjoys full sun or partial shade and has a light reddish brown wood color and a density of 0.68. It prefers moist acidic soil and the best propagation method is by seed as cutting are pretty difficult to start. Hamamelis virginiana is a large shrub usually growing in the United States and Canada that produces comestible fruits used either as ..

Eucalyptus macrocarpa

      Eucalyptus macrocarpa has as growing environments those with dry soil and even if it can also grow in tropical areas, that climate is not recommended.The flowers, having a diameter of 100 mm can have colors such as bright red or even pink-red. The blooming period begins in early spring and the last flowers may be seen in mid summer.

Winter Heath

      The Winter Heath is easily recognizable through its full and abundant foliage of green leaves that give the impression of lance. The flowers are impressive and numerous and they usually occur on red, white or lilac. Because they are so numerous, the flowers can give the impression of being a sole one, like a bouquet.

Daisy-Bellis perennis

      Bellis perennis is a small plant with evergreen leaves that have the shape of a spoon, known not only as a wild plant but also as a garden plant. Daisies are thought to be a symbol of love and purity. The shape of the flowers, white with the center colored in yellow makes it even more delicate at first sight.


      The Bellflowers are annual, biennial and perennial plants which produce beautiful flowers that comprise of 5 lobes usually. The color diversity is not very unusual as it varies between blue to purple, although there are occasions when the flowers occur on white and pink. An ingredient contained by both its leaves and stem is latex, a highly demanded substance in our modern times.