Famous for its colorful appearance, the Liatris is a flower belonging to the Asteraceae family and which bears some of the main characteristics of Chrysanthemums or even Asters. The main usage of the Liatris is decorative as the flower manages to bring color and joyfulness to any floral bouquet or to any decorative arrangement.

      The Liatris are perennial summer plants originating from the east of North America. Also referred to as Blazing Stars or gay Feathers, the Liatris flowers are strongly pollinated, as their blooming flower acts as a magnet for the bees and the butterflies. Although people use it mainly as a decorative plant, there are situations when people cultivate this plant indoors in pots. The life duration of this flower is quite long and it can even survive in the hardest conditions of winter through its corms.

      The planting of this flower should be made either in the autumn or in the spring, maintaining a generous distance of 30 cm between bulbs and also, it should be planted 5 to 10 cm deep. Like any other successful cultivation, solar light, a rich soil and water are indispensables. They usually require a resourceful soil and strong sun light.

      One should not be fooled by the apparent delicacy and beautiful aspect of the Liatris as it is a very resistant flower, very rarely susceptible to diseases specific to flowers. Something different about this plant is that it reaches its maturity from the top of the stem to its root. The Liatris usually occurs on purple and lavender, but these colors can vary until reaching shades of white, rose or even blue. This amazing colorist variety makes the Liatris so appealing to florists, as they can include the flower to any types of decorations and can easily cater to the specific needs regarding color of their customers.

      The Liatris is commercially distributed worldwide and is available all year long, as the flower can be used even in dried up bouquets.

      If you’re planning on organizing yourself an amazing garden, then the Liatris flower is what you need. It can offer the most vivid colors to your garden, with the least of effort, as the plant is known to be easily nurtured for.

      Another important aspect that any gardener should know about the Liatris is that the flower propagates through division or from seed in the spring. Because of the easiness with which this plant is being cultivated, most gardeners would want to re-cultivate the plant for future years because of its wonderful ability to adapt to any garden and also for its beautiful aspect as cut flower.

      By following the minimum set of instructions regarding the cultivation process of the Liatris you will be able to enjoy in very short time a beautiful decorated garden, full of colorful and lively Liatris flowers.

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