Eucalyptus Macrocarpa

      Eucalyptus macrocarpa also known as Mottlecah is a mallee Eucalyptus widely known for its impressively large, red flowers.

      Native to Western Australia, Eucalyptus has, not only eye-catching flowers, but also very interesting leaves. The foliage manages to reach almost the same degree of beauty as the flowers, transforming Eucalyptus into an inestimable treasure of nature.

      The leaves have an ovate- elliptical shape and a pale silvery- gray color that comes in perfect contrast with the astonishing red flowers, a contrast that also manages to underline their beauty.

      The flowers, having a diameter of 100 mm can have colors such as bright red or even pink-red. The blooming period begins in early spring and the last flowers may be seen in mid summer. Besides the flowers, that can definitely not pass unnoticed, there is another important detail represented by the impressive dimensions of the leaves.

      Eucalyptus macrocarpa has as growing environments those with dry soil and even if it can also grow in tropical areas, that climate is not recommended.

      Regarding the use of Eucalyptus in medicine, the plant was discovered in ancient times and used with the purpose of healing fever. Nowadays, Eucalyptus is used as ingredient in various drugs and it is widely known for its benefic action in treating diseases such as: bronchitis or rheumatism. Other problems in which the use of Eucalyptus is recommended are: minor aches, pains of muscles or nasal congestion.

      Even though Eucalyptus is recommended, there also are cases in which the poor amount of information offered by the manufacturers of herbs can lead to poisonings generated by overdoses.

      These unfortunate cases come as a result of unprofessional behavior and are most definitely life- threatening. Some of the symptoms are: drop of blood pressure, circulation problems, collapse and asphyxiation. In case you recognize these symptoms, do not hesitate to seek medical help immediately.

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