Belonging to one of the most distinctive botanical families, that of the Orchid, or more scientifically called the Orchidaceae family, the Gymnadenia genus represents a terrestrial genus comprising of more that 22 species.

      Although not as numerous as other genera, the Gymnadenia genus represents one of the most beautiful and elegant genera, with its unique looking flowers emanating the sweetest of scents. The Gymnadenia flower is likely to grow on alpine and mountainous regions, mostly in the temperate climates of Europe or Asia, and also in other places with a soil concentration rich in chalk or even on pastures with high concentrations of humidity. gymnadenia-2

       A region that is almost regarded as unusual for this flower to thrive is the Asian Himalayas, and there weren’t few the cases when this type of flower occurred even in the highest of altitudes. The Gymnadenias are flowers famous for their ability to resist winters and harsh conditions, even though their lovely appearance indicates a type of flower which is delicate, elegant and feeble.

      The Gymnadenias flower during summertime and when they do that, the flowering bouquet emanates a wonderful fresh scent specific to orchids. The stem is covered with green leaves at its bottom and the flowering is formed of flowers characterized through a lip composed of three lobes and with horizontal petals on the margins. The Gymnadenia flowers can occur on many different colors such as purple, white, lilac or pink and are considered amongst the most sought flowers in the world of floral decorations.

      Competing in elegance with the rose, the Gymnadenias is a best selling flower, being in high demand at the Florist’s boutiques. They are appreciated for both their majestic elegance and also for their long-lasting scent. Mainly bought as a gift for women and mothers, the Gymnadenias can also be garden cultivated. The nurturing process is not very complicated, as this type of orchids is quite resistant to temperature changes or to different soil conditions.

      Although not very pretentious from the point of view, of its cultivation in a garden or greenhouse, the indispensable conditions to be followed by someone who’s planning on planting Gymnadenias are water and sun light. Just remember that like any other flower, the Gymnadenia flower can be damaged by watering it in excess or by excessive sunlight exposure, so if everything is done with moderation, then there’s no reason for this flower not to grow and develop properly.

      The decorative purpose of the Gymnadenia is well acknowledges as people tend to buy impressive amounts of Gymnadenias at weddings, receptions or other special events. Definitely an elegant flower, the Gymnadenia can rise up to any occasion.

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