The Azaleas can create the most beautiful setting in parks or even in personal gardens as they are very colorful and elegant, managing to bring life even in the dullest of places. Mainly decorative, these flowers are worldwide acknowledged for their splendor and vividness, and are the favorite flower of florists and gardening enthusiasts.


      The flowers of the Blackthorn can be pollinated by insects and are also hermaphroditic. Its flowers give a very joyful aspect in early spring, and the multitude of 5 petal-flowers makes the tress softer in appearance, as opposed to its stiff branches. The color of the flowers is mainly beige with white nuances.

Chrysanthemum Flower

      Originating from Asia and northern Europe, the commonly known mum or the Chrysanthemum is a flower of extreme elegance and distinction. The Chrysanthemum belongs to the family of Asteraceae, and represents a genus that doesn’t have as many species as some other genera, this one only including about 30 species.

Amaranthus Flower

      As flower, the Amaranthus blossoms in many colors, including red, blue, purple or golden. This flower has a vast literary symbolism, as its name was mentioned by Aesop, Milton, or Coleridge in their greatest literary works, while great rock bands have recurred to this flower as inspiration for their songs, mentioning artists and bands such as Enya, Nightwish, AFI or Virgin Steele.

Strelitzia Flower

      Usually grown in gardens, Strelitzia flower is available at any time and it can be found on orange, blue, yellow or white. Although beautiful and elegant, this flower requires a certain amount of attention and care, as the Strelitzia is a flower very pretentious to light, water, soil and temperature variations. No matter the effort, the beauty of this flower…


      Especially found in temperate climates of the northern hemisphere, the Allium species are plants which can really add a touch of beauty to your garden. The Allium flowers are well known for their onion scent, even though there are some plants belonging to this family which don’t have the same powerful scent. The Allium is a bulbous plant which grows between 5 and 150 cm, and ..

Amaryllis or Belladonna Lily

      Originating from South Africa, the Amaryllis flower commonly referred to as the Belladonna lily or even the naked ladies is a beautiful plant that impresses the florists with its pure aesthetic qualities.Just as the rose is the symbol of passion, love and desire, it seems that people have associated the Belladonna lily with drama and dramatic, with women who …

Apple Blossom

      What delights your olfactory senses more than the scent of the apple blossom in the spring? Known to be one of the most aromatic flowers, the apple blossom does not only impress you with its distinctive and pleasant smell, but also with its peaceful beauty. Apple trees are amongst the most cultivated trees in the world …

Anemone Nemorosa Windflower

      The English name of this beautiful flower is derived from the Greek word for “wind” (Anemous), mainly because the plant grows and blossoms on very high platforms and elevated places, where the air currents can be quite strong. Belonging to the Ranunculaceae family of the Anemone genus, the Anemone Nemorosa is a very resistant plant which ..