Originating from Asia and northern Europe, the commonly known mum or the Chrysanthemum is a flower of extreme elegance and distinction. The Chrysanthemum belongs to the family of Asteraceae, and represents a genus that doesn’t have as many species as some other genera, this one only including about 30 species.

      The Chrysanthemum is a perennial blooming plant that has many variations depending on their location. The Chrysanthemums can be daisy-shaped, decorative, pompons or even button-shaped.

      The first culture that cultivated this beautiful plant is the Chinese and even nowadays in China there is a city whose name can be translated in English as the “Chrysanthemum city”, celebrating the majesty of this amazing flower. It was later on introduced to Japan and finally to the European countries back in the 17th century.

      The blooming of the Chrysanthemum can vary in color and we can meet white Chrysanthemums, yellow, purple, red, pink and other different colors. All flowers are aromatic and emanate a fresh and powerful scent. The name of the Chrysanthemum is known to come from Greek and it means “gold flower”.

      Amongst the usages of this flower we can mention tea, as people from some Asian countries are very fond of boiling the Chrysanthemum’s flowers to make sweet tea, while in Korea, the Chrysanthemum is used as an aromatic ingredient for a wine made of rice. Occasionally the flower can produce visual hallucinations induced by the psychoactive Dimethyltryptamine.

      The medicinal purpose of the Chrysanthemum is now worldwide acknowledged as scientists have proven this plant’s benefits in treating bacterial diseases, mycotic diseases or even HIV-1. Moreover, the Chrysanthemum has been tested by NASA for its anti-pollution effects and the studies have shown that the plant can reduce considerably the indoor pollution.

      The Chrysanthemum has a rich symbolism in all cultures, and people tend to look at its significance differently. While Americans perceive it as a joyful flower used at celebrations and cheerful events, the Europeans, Japanese, Chinese or Koreans regard it as a symbol of death, negativism, grief and lamentation.

      Representing the state flower of Chicago, the Imperial Seal of Japan and many other important distinctions, the Chrysanthemum is a flower which deserves its adulated place amongst flowers worldwide. Beautiful and aromatic, the Chrysanthemum is amongst the best-selling flowers in the floral industry, and it’s known to bring laughter and joy to your home.

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