Being a part of the Crassulaceae family, along with other 200 species, the Kalanchoe is a perrenial plant that has its origins in Madagascar.

      Kalanchoe is mostly an indoor plant very popular in Europe having a small size, dark green leaves and flowers in shapes of stars that can have colors such as red, yellow, orange, pink or white.

      Regarding the weather conditions, Kalanchoe is very sensitive to cold. If exposed to low temperatures just for a couple of hours the result will be death, so, try to avoid neglecting the plants necesity of a warm environment. kalanchoe-3

      Kalanchoe enjoys lonelyness so try not to plant any decorative plants in the same pot. Another important detail is light as the plant needs big quantities of light in order to maintain its health. By light do not understand powerful sun, beacause the sunbeams can be a very dangerous enemy of Kalachoe and the only period in which it is allowded to expose the flower to the sun is spring as the sunbeams are not very powerful.

      The watering process is not very strict in the case of Kalanchoe and the plant can also live in a dry environment even though this will probably affect the process of growing. If you want a healthy plat try to repeat the watering process every time the soil gets dry, but be careful on the quantities of water, as too much of it might kill the sensitive roots. kalanchoe-1

      The flowering process lasts for obout 6 or 7 months. After fading, the flower must be cut in order to bloom again. After cutting the faded flowers, move the plant in a shaded place for one week in which the watering process should be reduced to almost no water at all. At the end of the week move the plant back to its place and restart the watering process.