Especially found in temperate climates of the northern hemisphere, the Allium species are plants which can really add a touch of beauty to your garden. The Allium flowers are well known for their onion scent, even though there are some plants belonging to this family which don’t have the same powerful scent. The Allium is a bulbous plant which grows between 5 and 150 cm, and whose flowers are formed on the top of a leafless stick. Quite an ornamental plant, the Allium recounts around 1250 species, some of them processed for food, while the others are used strictly for garden design purposes.

      This family of plants has even given birth to an award winning member of the specie, the Allium hollandricum “Purple Sensation”, a flower that has gained the Award of Garden Merit and which, through its vibrant colors, white, blue, yellow and purple, can add a touch of diversity to any garden.

      A family with a generous number of members, the Allium is considered to be amongst the most popular species in the world of gardening and it seems that people have seen and appreciated the utility of such plants for their healthy alimentation and for their balanced lifestyle. Allium

vAmongst the plants that people are quite attached to we can mention onions, leek, herbs of garlic and chives, all of them belonging to the Allium family and all of them planted for domestic consumption. In our culture, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that involves eating from your own garden has become a very strong trend, not only because of the flavorful vegetables, but also because of the soothing effect generated by the simple fact of taking care of a garden. This aspect makes people feel active, involved and closer to nature.

      The Allium genus represents a sure and easy way to produce something edible in your own garden. Most of the vegetable products that you find in the supermarket often seem tasteless, but an Allium onion or Allium garlic watered and cared for by yourself in your own garden will most definitely emanate the strongest scent and the desired flavor. allium-3

      Although the food purpose of the Allium family predominates, people are also interested in using the flowers with artistic purposes when decorating gardens or even for floral arrangements at various events. Their bright and strong colors can enrich even the dullest of gardens and the fact that they are not pretentious regarding the planting and growing process represents an advantage. Although they’re not as elegant as roses or pure as lilies, the Allium plants add a touch of dynamism and colorfulness to any garden, making of its owner a very pleased and satisfied person.

      The Allium family is widely cultivated worldwide, both for its vegetable purpose and for its engaging in a flower-gardening activity as well. A plant which has two complementary qualities can only be appreciated, and although its taxonomy is being established little by little, this family of plants continues to be the victim of incorrect descriptions that are disadvantageously widespread.