Bachelor’s Button

Also known as Cornflower, Bluebottle, Boutonniere or Hurtsickle, the scientific name of the Bachelor’s Button is Centaurea cyanus and it is a small flowering plant native to Europe that blooms annually.

The Bachelor’s Button can reach a maximum height of 90 centimeters and has a splendid blue color and unique shapes. The color is given by the protocyanin, an anthocyanin pigment also contained by roses, but in a different color.


Bachelor’s Button is considered to be a garden plant, but has also a damaging role, the one of seed contaminant in crop seeds.

In terms of cultivation, Bachelor’s Button needs full sun, a high amount of water and a neutral soil with a pH of 6.6. The main use is as an ornamental flower and the palette of colors allows florist to play with them in order to create diversity. This is a great flower you can add to the wedding day checklist, or just plant in your garden. The most common versions of Bachelor’s Button on the market, when talking about color are the Blue Boy and the Blue Diadem, both nuances of blue. The flower is also available in other colors such as: white, pink, lavender, black or purple. Make sure you add the pink version to your wedding day checklist to add softness and color to the room.

Regarding the culinary use, the Bachelor’s Button is sometimes used as an ornament for several dishes. The Bachelor’s Button can also be found in the composition of many herbal teas.

The Bachelor’s Button does not lack symbolism. Folklore presents it as a symbol of love that, depending on the period that remained in flower, would have shown if this love is mutual or not.

The Cornflower is also used as a symbol by many cultures and many domains. For example, in the case of France, it is a symbol of the 11th November 1918 armistice while in the case of Germany it is a romantic symbol.

The plant is also considered to be a home remedy in treating diseases like conjunctivitis. If used as a wash, it can also be a good choice in the case of tired wash.

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